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Monday, December 22

Weekly Announcements

KI Announcements

Sunday, December 14

Weekly Announcements/Message of the Week

Check out what is going on at KI this Week!

Sunday, November 23

Announcements/Message of the Week

This weeks announcements and Message of the Week

Monday, November 17

KI Weekly Announcements/Message of the Week

Weekly KI announcements and what we are discussing with the students.

Sunday, November 9

KI Weekly Announcement/Message of the Week

Info for the Week of 11/10/14

Sunday, October 26

Message of The Week

KI Announcements and Message of the Week

Sunday, October 19

Message of the Week/Announcements

Message of the week and KI Announcements

Monday, October 13

Message of the Week For 10/13

Message of the Week we are talking about: Good habits are hard to make but easy to live by!

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