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Monday, October 6

Message of the Week

Tots and Youth Beginner "Be Loyal to Those Not Present" Be careful to never talk behind someones back.  If you around people that do, remember if their talking about others to you, there's a good chance their talking to others About you! Youth Intermediate/Advanced/Black Belts "Best school year ...

Sunday, September 28

Message of the Week For 9/29/14

Tots and Youth Beginners Be a good finder! -In all situations, find the good in it and focus on that! Youth Intermediate, Advanced and Black Belts Best school year ever week 4. -Overcoming obsticles that seem to prevent our success Teen Program Proactive vs. Reactive -Proactive people take ...

Sunday, September 21

Message of the week for 9/22/14

Message of the Week Tots and Youth Beginner "Having an Attitude of Gratitude" What are you grateful for and appreciate in your life?  Youth Intermediate, Advanced and Black Belts "Best School Year Ever" Part 3 Setting school goals and celebrating accomplishments. Teens "Never Underestimate the ...

Sunday, September 14

Message of the week

Tots and Youth Beginner: "Having a Whatever it Takes Attitude" We will discuss doing whatever it takes (morally and ethically) to get a job accomplished. Youth Intermediate/Advanced and Black Belts "Best School Year Ever"  Week 2 We will discuss the best place for students to do their homework ...

Monday, September 8

Pathways Yoga Coming to KIMAC!

Pathways Yogo has asked KI for the use of our mats! Check out the training schedule below! We are super excited to be partnering with Pat Bruno and her students! Pat has been a yoga staple in Exeter for over 20 years! Check out the schedule and programs and get enrolled today! Click HERE to ...

Sunday, September 7

Message of the Week For 9/8/14

Tots and Youth Beginner Message of the Week Attitude. Chant "Your attitude determines your altitude." _______________________________________________________ Youth Intermediate, Advanced and Junior Black Belts Best School Year Ever. For the next five weeks you will be able to earn a purple ...

Tuesday, August 19

2014 Fall Schedule

2014 Fall Schedule

Goes into effect August 25th, 2014

Monday, July 14

Mountain Top Views

Mountain Top Views

Today was one of those days where you are forced to go through loss and grief.  My wife and I had the brutal decision to put our dog Luke down.  I remember the day I got Luke.  In 1999 a friend referred me to a breeder up at Moose Head Lake Maine!  I took the 3 hour drive and was introduced to a 6 ...

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