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KI Adult Program

Monday, June, 16 2014

KI Adult Program

Our new adult traditional karate and kickboxing program is really gathering momentum.  We are seeing alot of interest from our existing adult parents and already we have 10 new students on the summer training special!  There is still time!  Train until labor day in one or both programs for only $189.  That is a savings of $108!  Plus we give you the equipment you need for free!

Traditional Karate- Focus is on the Chinese Kenpo Karate system created by William Chow.  Kenpo is a style that is heavily influence by fast hand strikes designed to nullify and attacker quickly.  It is a great style for woman as the striking is designed to be focused to the bodies most weakest points!  Kenpo is a great style for people who have had issues with their hips and knees due to the nature of the style focusing the kicks low to an opponent.  Taking a traditional karate program helps develop physical strength and flexibility as well as mental toughness and discipline.  The program is structured with a easy and fun to learn curriculum that helps motivate students to make classes each week. 

Kickboxing-  Adult kickboxing is a more relaxed approach to learning how to strike.  There is no uniforms or belts.  With that being said, our program is very structured and has its own curriculum for students to learn.  Each week we work on specific themes and concepts for students to better learn and understand the strategy and application of the striking game.  Each lesson begins with a 5-10 minute warm up, followed by a mobility and functional movement period.  We then move into the weekly curriculum theme and end the class with 10-15 minute strength and conditioning work.  You will sweat in this class and have a blast doing it!  Kickboxing is a full body workout that will condition your whole body!  Being a certified kettlebell instructor,  you will learn the ins and outs of kettlebell training and how the kettlebell is one of the best tools to help you with your range of motion and improve your strength dramatically.  The days of traditional weight lifting are over!

Call us at 778-8475 to take advantage of our summer offer! 

Still unsure?  Come in for a free week to try it out before you commit. 

Looking forward to seeing you in one or both programs!