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KI Parking Lot/Fall IS HERE!!!

Monday, September, 14 2015

KI Parking Lot/Fall IS HERE!!!

Hello KI Family,

I want to first take a moment to thank all of you for your patience and support of our construction project here at the plaza.  It has been a huge hassle for everyone and I want to thank you for your understanding.  We are in the home stretch and it is looking to be completed this week.  Wednesday is the day they are paving our side of the lot.  I have been informed it is going to be extremely congested that day due to the nature of paving such a large space!  So I have decided to cancel all TOTS/YOUTH/TEEN classes for the day.  We will hold Adult/Teen kickboxing at 6pm.  I am sorry for the inconvenience, but we feel it will be much safer and smoother to suspend classes for that day.  We will be open Thursday for normal classes and the new parking lot on our side will be drivable Friday.


-KI School backpacks for sale!  We still have a few left!  See an instructor for details

-No TOTS/YOUTH/TEEN Classes Wednesday September 16th

-We are starting to pre order pink belts for our annual Breast Cancer awareness event.  See an instructor to get on the order list. 

Message of the Week

Tots/Youth Beginner
"Mind Over Emotion"

Youth Int/Adv/Black Belt
"Best School Year Ever Part 2"

"Dealing with Obstacles"

See you in class!

Mr. English
Mr. Wharem