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How do I get the Special KI Tee Shirt?

How do I get the Special KI Tee Shirt?

How do I get the Special KI Tee Shirt?

Some students have been asking how they can get the special KI Tee shirt hanging up in the dojo.

We have a fun referral program specially designed to reward students who refers students to Karate International!

Referral Coins.

A Student gives a bronze coin to a friend to try the program.  The friend brings in the coin for a free month of lessons.  Our student then earns a silver coin.  When that is used by a friend for the free month, a gold coin is earned.   When the gold coin is redeemed for the free month, Our student gets the special school shirt as a gift from us.

If you have never received a bronze coin, be sure to see a staff member to get one. 


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