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Message of the Week

Message of the Week

Tots and Youth Beginner
"Be Loyal to Those Not Present"

Be careful to never talk behind someones back.  If you around people that do, remember if their talking about others to you, there's a good chance their talking to others About you!

Youth Intermediate/Advanced/Black Belts
"Best school year Ever!"  Part 5

Reviewing the steps it takes to have a great school year!

"Begin With the End in Mind"

Use goals and visualization to see something before it is complete.  In this way, you have a "blueprint" on how to accomplish the task or goal.


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Sunday, July 15

KI Weekly Update 7/16-7/21

Happenings around the dojo!

Sunday, July 8

KI Weekly Update 7/9-7/14

Happenings around the Dojo

Tuesday, June 26

How to Build Self-Confidence In Kids, Summer Edition

As July approaches, our minds begin to wander a bit. Summer starts to reach its peak and we all begin to set our thoughts on relaxing by the pool or lake. For parents, however, we realize that a new school year is never far behind. It can be especially hard to think about the next grade if your child struggled at all in their last school year...

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