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Sunday, October, 26 2014

Message of The Week

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year's kickin' breast cancer to the curb a success!  We are still tallying the totals and will announce this week.  I am so thankful to everyone who participated and supported the event this weekend!  All the students, parents and family really stepped up and worked unbelievably hard in making the day a success!  A huge shout out to Mr. Wharem, Mrs. McKenna and Mr. Miller for their time and effort Saturday!

-No class on Tuesday due to Belt testing. Good luck to all testing students.

-Teens please turn in your banquet forms asap!

Tots/Youth Beginner
"Dinner Before Desert"-  Get things done in order, don't cut corners.

Youth Intermediate/Advanced and Black Belts
"Intensity"-Intensity is what takes what is normal and sharpens it with focus.

"Seek firsts to understand, then be understood" Part 2



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Wednesday, February 21

KI Parents Orientation Night!

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KI Parents Orientation Night!

Sunday, February 18

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Sunday, February 11

KI Weekly Update 2/12-2/17

Happenings around the dojo

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