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Announcements/Message of the Week

Sunday, November, 23 2014

I want to take a moment to thank Mr. Wharem, Mr. Miller , Mrs. McKenna and my wife Kama for putting together a really thoughtful and heartfelt present to me this past Wednesday at the annual teen banquet!  It is my 20th year of teaching martial arts and the staff made arrangements to bring in some of my instructors and close friends to celebrate the occasion.  I am humbled and honored they took the time to think of me!  I love what I do and KI is just an extension of that.  The students of KI are there because of all of us and not just myself!  I am proud to be part of the team we have and look forward to a even better 20 years moving forward.  Thank you to all the students for their support and love,  I am honored to be your teacher.

No classes Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday due to belt testing and thanksgiving.

Saturday holiday sale from 10-2.  We are doing our holiday orders different this year.  Come Saturday to order your holiday equipment and apparel packages for Christmas.  We are offering a special uniform that will only be offered for the holiday season this year!  Cool stuff for family and friends at KI this Saturday!

Shout out to Braeden, Nicky, Elise, Madison, Noah and Kam for helping the town with their Christmas decorations.  Thank you for your time to help serve our community!

Message of the Week

Tots/Youth Beginner
Mind over Emotion

Having Self Control over your emotions

Youth Intermediate/Advanced and Black Belts


A sign of maturity is having self discipline to do what you need to do without having to be asked


Quickness and Alertness

What are some consequences of procrastination?