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Weekly Announcements/Message of the Week

Sunday, December, 14 2014
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents and students who helped make the Christmas Parade such a success!  My wife, mom and dad took some much needed time to celebrate on a family vacation!  Kama and I are celebrating 12 years of marriage, my mom and dad 44 years of marriage and KI 20 years of service in the Exeter community!  We got the opportunity to spend time together in Jamaica and really had a fun, relaxing time together!  Thank you so much for all of your support this past year!  As I continue to run KI and stay committed to the growth of my family and personal life, I realize that true success does not happen matter in just one area !  Personal, relational and professional growth is the true mark of overall success!   I feel blessed to be able to balance these three key areas of life and have you all a huge part of our growth and success!  It is my hope and prayer that we as a staff at KI continue to instill these traits into the next generation of students and families at KI.  We extend a warm and heartfelt thanks and humility to all of you this holiday season!

God bless you all!


Last full week of classes.  We close Wednesday December 24th and reopen Monday January 5th.

Clothing and can drive ends this week. Please help us to help local people who need help this winter season.

This Saturday December 20th from 4-7pm Tots-Teen Holiday Open House. From 7-9pm is the Adult Potluck Holiday Open House.  We would love to spend time together and celebrate the holiday season!

Message of the Week!

Tots/Youth Beginner
"Words over emotions"

Learn to control your emotions so you can communicate properly and effectively.

Youth Intermediate/Advanced/Black Belt
"Bring out the best"

Learn to focus, motivate and challenge others to become their best!

"Power and Knowledge"

Knowledge and personal power are the keys to success!