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KI Announcements/Message of the Week

Sunday, January, 11 2015

KI Announcements/Message of the Week

Good Evening KI Family,

Parents:  Please be sure students have the proper uniform when coming to class each week.  Here are a few things to remember.
1.  All uniforms should have a school patch sewn on the left chest
2.  A school tee shirt or plain (no logos) white, black or grey tee shirt is worn under uniform top
3.  Uniforms are neat and clean for class.  No one wants to work out with someone with a dirty sweaty gi.

Part of developing discipline is through a uniform.  Private schools, sports teams and the military use it for that very reason.  Please help us continue to make your child the best they can be by adhering to this important part of the program.

Message of the Week

Tots/Youth Beginner
"Health Eating Challenge"

Youth Intermediate/Advanced/Black Belt

"Be happy to See Them"