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KI Announcements/Message of the Week

Sunday, February, 22 2015

KI Announcements/Message of the Week

Good Evening KI Family,

-As some of you know we have been testing out a new stripe system at the school the last few weeks.  Mr. Wharem and I are always looking for ways to more effectively and efficiently delivering the cirriculum to our students.  One to help our students with retention and achieving goals, and to also improve the students application and understanding of our self defense system.  Now that we have had a moment to test the new system in action, we plan on sending out a letter and having a town hall style meeting to explain the new system to all of you.  Please keep an eye out for the date.

-Kids have also been receiving weapons in class.  KI has implimented weapons training into the cirriculum.  The weapons we give the students are theirs to keep!  Please be sure they bring their weapon to every class so they can learn the appropriate form required for their rank. 

Youth Beginners:  Nunchuck
Youth Intermediate, Advanced and Black belt: Staff

-We are OPEN this week during vacation Mon-Thursday for regular schedule.  We will be closed Friday and Saturday this week.

Message of the Week

Tots, Youth Beginner
"Self Discipline"
The importance of developing good habits

Youth Intermediate, Advanced and Black Belt
Making your heart and words the same

"Seek first to understand"
God gave us two ears and one mouth.  Listen and understand before speaking

Enjoy Vacation Week!

Mr. English
Mr. Wharem