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Sunday, March, 08 2015

Spring Tournament??

Spring Tournament??

Good Evening KI family,

Tournament in on Sunday March 29th, it is a great opportunity for all eligible students to work towards a different goal other then Rank and make new friends!

Camp Applications are still being handed out. These are a great opportunity for students to get an edge up over the summer months. Students who have taken these camps have greatly benefited from the concentrated training in the fun dynamic classes that the camps offer!

Message of the Week

Tots and Youth Beginner
"Take Responsibility"
Students understand they are responsible for their actions

Youth Intermediate, Advanced and Black Belt
"Mental Imagery"
You become what you think about

"Sharpen your Saw"
Keep yourself sharp so you can better deal with life




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Sunday, September 15

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Sunday, September 8

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Happenings around the dojo!

Tuesday, September 3

My Martial Arts Success Story

Check out Mr.Wharem's Martial Arts Success story! Do you have one to contribute? See a KI Instructor today!

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