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Parents Roundtable This Friday.....Announcements

Sunday, March, 15 2015

Parents Roundtable This Friday.....Announcements

Good Evening KI Family,

A quick reminder that we have our parents roundtable meeting this Friday from 7-9pm to discuss the improvements we have made to the testing procedures at KI.  Please do your best to make this meeting so we can better explain our processes for the tots and Youth.  Teen parents are also welcome to come as these improvements also effect them.

Youth Beginners and Advanced Students need to bring in their nunchucks this week.
Youth Intermediate and Black Belt students need to have their staffs for class.

Tournament registration forms are now on the website.  Download and mail to the Windham school

All KI Camps can now be registered and paid for on our website!  Take advantage of this option if your child plans on attending camp this summer.


Tots and Youth Beginner
"Take Responsibility"
Be sure to take responsibility for your own actions

Youth Intermediate,Advanced and Black Belt
"Pick Your Battles"
Learn to excuse the small things

In a nutshell, 2 or more people can achieve more than a single person alone.

See you in class
Mr. English
Mr. Wharem