Tournament Results....Parent Roundtable....Announcements | Karate International

Tournament Results....Parent Roundtable....Announcements

Sunday, March, 29 2015

Tournament Results....Parent Roundtable....Announcements

Hello KI Family,

Thanks to all the tournament competitors who participated today in Salem NH.  We are proud of all of your efforts and how you represented KI Exeter. 

-Parents:  We have two roundtable meeting this week for you to get up to speed on our new stripe testing procedures.  We understand you are all busy, however we really encourage you to participate in one of the meeting this week!  Child care will be provided!  Wednesday meeting 7-8pm/ Friday Meeting 7-8pm

-We start Purple curriculum block this week.  Students, please be sure to bring your weapons to class.  We will be still working on last block material.

Message of the Week

Tots/Youth Beginner:  "Mind Over Emotion"
Be sure to not let your emotions cloud your judgement.

Youth Intermediate/Advanced/Black Belts:  "Responsibility"
Every time you point your finger at someone else, remember there are three fingers pointed back at you!

Teens:  "Quickness & Alertness"
A Procrastinator is a thief of their own time!

See you in class!
Mr. English
Mr. Wharem