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KI Teen Banquet Next Week!

Sunday, November, 01 2015
Good Evening KI Family,

I want to personally thank all of our members who have referred someone to KI over the last few weeks!  One of the greatest compliments you can give our program is to refer a family member or friend!  Growing KI with quality people not only helps the school, but it also helps to increase the level of training partners for all!  Thank you so much for your support!

Teen banquet is November 12th.  Please get your sign up forms in by this week.  We need to give the ashworth hotel our final numbers by next Monday.  Our teen banquet is the only event we do to recognize the accomplishments of all our teen program students!  Please do your best to attend.  If finances are an issue, please don't be shy!  Let us know if we can help!

We start Black Block this week.  Youth Intermediates/Advanced and Teen Students will Need to bring Bo staff to every class.  Youth Beginners will need to bring their nunchuck to every class.  If you child does not own one of the weapons we listed, see an instructor to get one at no charge!

See you in class!

Mr. English
Mr. Wharem


Tots/Youth Beginner.
"Playground Manners"

Youth Int/Adv/Black Belts
"Mental Imagery"

"Breaking Communication Roadblocks"