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KI Weekly Update 1/8-1/13

Sunday, January, 07 2018
Hello Everyone, 

Thanks for a great week back! We already are starting to make progress towards that next goal! 

We appreciate everyone's patience with the amount of snow in the Parking Lot. A snow removal company has been contacted and let us know they'll be here when they can to remove the excess snow! 

A note to students- We have placed floor mats on the Dojo floor entrances, when you bow onto the mat please make sure that you wipe the salt dust from your feet before you step onto the training floor! 

Lastly, Did you know that Exeter has been named in the Top 10 finalists to potentially be featured on the show "Small Business Revolution"? SBR is a show sponsored by Deluxe and they pick a small town in the US to spend time and money to invest in to help revitalize and strengthen downtown businesses! A portion of the decision making process is the energy level of the people in town and how connected a small town is. If you are a Facebook user please join the group #MyExeter and talk about reasons you enjoy downtown Exeter and why you think this show and their $500,000 investment into 6 downtown businesses is key to helping Exeter be the best we can be! 

We are looking forward to a great week of classes,