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KI Weekly Update 3/12-3/17

Sunday, March, 11 2018
Hello Everyone! 

Mr.Wharem, Ms.Confalone and Mr.Dever are very excited to see our Lincoln Street School crew this week in PE Class! Come prepared to help be the teacher! 

This week is a belt testing week. There will be NO group classes on Tuesday due to the testing and No Tot or Youth classes on Saturday due to the belt graduation ceremonies. Please plan your attendance accordingly. 

This week is Buddy week! Students are allowed to bring Non-Karate friends or siblings to class to be the teacher! Students who bring a buddy to class will be entered into a raffle. The prize for the raffle is a free spot at Weekend Camp! If you have already signed up for weekend camp or do not meet the age requirements, you will receive your own stand-up punching bag! 

Friday is Green Hair/Wig day in honor of St.Patrick's Day! Students who have crazy green hair or a wig will also be entered into the raffle! This is always one of the most fun days of the year so make sure to make it to class! 

This is the final week before Orange Stripe testing so make sure to ask your questions so you are prepared for stripe evaluations next week! 

A little over a week ago one of our Adult program students was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. As you can imagine his whole family's world has turned upside down. He has undergone some surgeries and is preparing for the next phase of his treatment. We would like to rally as his dojo family to help raise money for him and his family in this time of need. His son also trains in the Adult Kenpo program. 

We are happy to announce  that we are going to be hosting a Train-a-thon for Teen and Adult students on Saturday March 24th from 1-5. Guest Instructors include Master Terry Dow (Kickboxing), Hanshi Kevin Bryant ( one of Mr.Wharem's Kenpo Teachers), Professor Bernadette Robinson (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and Tashi Mark Warner (Kali Stick fighting). Uniforms are needed for some seminars, but may not be needed by all. 

See you in class,