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KI Weekly Update 3/16-3/21

Sunday, March, 15 2020
Hello Everyone, 

We are hard at work formatting and planning the pre-recorded classes and are excited to get them out to you! While you practice at home we ask that you film the practice and email it to us, from there Mr.Wharem or one of the other instructors will get back to you with some tips and coaching based on what we see in the video. Please remember that there are no classes the next couple of days as we work to get these videos recorded and set up properly for you all. 

We also have been talking about ways we can still interact and reach out to you all, don't be suprised if you get a phone call from Mr.W or Mrs.V in the next day or two. We miss seeing everyone a the dojo and you all are in the forefront of our thoughts and decisions throughout the recent days! We know that some of our students have some struggles with anxiety. Mr.Wharem wants you all to know that he is happy to call and check in or video message with students who may need extra support or encouragement! 

We have been working hard getting the dojo in tip top shape. Mr.Wharem and Mrs.V have turned the dojo inside out and upside down to make sure everything is in perfect condition for when you return. We also are working on a couple other options in the meantime that we are trying to pin down the logistics of. Once we get them down we will announce them. We are working around the clock to find the best ways to continue to serve you and support everyone! 

Our best days lie ahead and we are looking forward to getting back to work with you all. Stay safe and stay healthy!

Best wishes, 

KI Staff