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KI Weekly Update 3/18-3/23

Sunday, March, 17 2019
Hello Everyone! 

Congratulations to all the students who tested and voted for their new ranks this past week! Hard work pays off and we are so proud of you! 

The Teen Nutrition Seminar is coming up! This is a FREE Event for Teens to join us to learn some awesome new things about the foods we eat and how they can affect our training in and out of the dojo!
Please register for the event by clicking this link! We'd like to see all teens attend! 

Lincoln Street School students- Mr.Wharem and Mr.English will be teaching in PE this week! We're looking forward to seeing you there! 

The Annual KI of Windham Spring Championship is right around the corner! Please make sure to mail your paperwork to KI of Windham ASAP as the deadline for pre-registration is around the corner! You can download the applications here

Weekend Camp is a little less than three months away! We have 12 spots remaining for camp and are so excited to celebrate the 20th year of camp with everyone this year! Please make sure to register by clicking this link if you haven't yet! 

Kung Fu Week #8 is this Tuesday! Kung Fu Crew has been so much fun and we've had a blast working with you! If you are interested in joining us for Kung Fu Crew round 2 make sure to register by clicking this link

See you this week in class,