KI Weekly Update 5/14-5/19 | Karate International

KI Weekly Update 5/14-5/19

Sunday, May, 13 2018
Hello Everyone, 

Happy Mother's day to all the KI moms out there! We appreciate everything you do and hope you had a fantastic day with family!

This week is Purple Stripe Evaluation week! 

Sign ups are starting to come in for our Summer Seminar Series! These are four single day long workshops that will give students concentrated focus on curriculum as well as weapons training or board breaking and fun field trips to the Ice Skating rinks and Exeter Bowling Lanes! The workshops will be held 7/13, 7/27,8/10 and 8/24! Drop off is between 7:30-8;00 AM and Pick up is 2:30-3:00 PM! Please see an instructor if you are interested in signing up for one of these days! Spaces are limited to 15 students per workshop so sign up soon! 

We are also excited to announce the launch of the Kobudo class this summer! Kobudo is the art of Japanese Weaponry and we will be teaching students different forms and techniques with traditional Karate Weapons. This program is in addition to regular curriculum and while will not factor into their stripe progression can serve as an exciting added benefit and is a great option for students interested in competing in the tournament! Please see an instructor for more information if you are interested! 

Moms train for free in May! Come on down and get started in Kickboxing and Karate training. Martial Arts classes are a great stress reliever, also a fun way to get in shape and learn a new skill! Come join a group of like minded adults and have some fun learning the techniques your children focus on in their class! The family that kicks together sticks together! Martial arts is a great group bonding experience for families! Come try a class today! 

Weekend camp is just around the corner! Packets will be released this week via email! If you do not receive a packet by Friday please contact Mr.Wharem or Mrs.Vare and we will get you a hard copy! 

Thank you and see you in class,