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KI Weekly Update 7/11-7/16

Sunday, July, 10 2016
Hello Everyone, 

We hope you all had a fantastic week last week! We are excited to be back. 

Mr.Wharem and Ms.Confalone went to a training conference during the break last week and learned a lot of new skills and got some new ideas they are excited to start working on..Stay tuned!! 

This week we have our first day camp!!! If you are interested in signing up for a day and have not yet, please feel free to email Mr.Wharem with which day you are interested! There still may be spots left available. 

THERE WILL BE NO CLASSES 7/12 DUE TO BELT TESTING! Good luck to all testing students! THIS SATURDAY will be the belt graduation Ceremony for Tots, Youth and Teen Program Students.

Tots Ceremony will take place from 10:00-10:30. Parents will be encouraged to come out on the Mat for the second half of class to let the students become the teacher and Parents can be there for the presentation of belts! 

Youth Ceremony will take place at 11:00-11:50. Family is welcome to attend a formal ceremony with demonstrations put on by the graduating students as Mr.Wharem guides them along and explains different pieces of the program! 

Teen Pizza Party will take place from 12:00-1:00. This is an informal celebration for the teens to come in and enjoy each other's company while enjoying pizza for celebrating earning their next rank! 

Messages of the Week:

Tots/Youth Beginner- Body over emotion

Intermediate/Advanced- Service

Teen/Black Belt- Timing and Punctuality

See you in class!