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KI Weekly Update 7/29-8/3

Sunday, July, 28 2019
Hello Everyone! 

This week is Crazy technique week! Instructors will pick from some of the most exciting and dynamic techniques they know to give you some crazy techniques! 

Middle School Training weekend is coming up 9/6-9/8! This is going to be an awesome weekend of Martial Arts, Activities, and fun for all KI Students grades 6-8! You can register by clicking here

GUEST TEACHER ANNOUNCEMENT! This Tuesday 7/30 we will be hosting Guest Instructor Terry Dow from The Training Station in Manchester! Mr.Dow is a great friend of KI and an incredible Kickboxer! He will be teaching the 6pm Adult Kickboxing class. All Adult program students from Kenpo and Kickboxing are encouraged to attend and Teens with Kickboxing experience are welcome. 

We're looking forward to a great week! 

KI Staff