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KI Weekly Update 9/3-9/8

Monday, September, 03 2018
Hello Everyone! 

We apologize for the delay, we are having some technical issues with the website today but it should be back up and running by this afternoon! 

We hope everyone is starting the year off on a positive note! If you need help with setting some goals for this school year make sure to talk to Mr.English or Mr.Wharem and we'll help you set some school year goals! Remember, the goals we set...are the goals we get! 

Our Back to School referral contest is now in full swing! We are excited to offer great prizes this year!  The contest can include any friends or family who enrolls in a KI program! Many of the kids were asking what if they get to 5 people. Any Student who gets five people will get every prize listed on this sheet and we'll include a VIP Weekend Camp experience! Complete with specialty weapon seminar only offered for the kids who win the contest! 

Saturday, September 22nd from 6-9PM is our Annual Superhero vs. Super Villain parent's night out! Students come dressed in costume and prepared to do all sorts of fun activities while mom and dad enjoy a night out on the town! We will be serving pizza! Cost for this event is $25 or two people for $40! We only have a few spots left so reserve your spot with Mrs.V today! 

High School Camping Trip! We are a month away from the high school camping trip if you haven't reserved your spot yet make sure you do soon! This is an awesome event with specialized martial arts training including a new Bo staff form for everyone. Along with Martial Arts training campers will also receive some outdoor survival training and enjoy a weekend of fun activities! Contact Mr.Wharem to reserve your spot today! 

Tots Parents! Here is the Intro video for this month's word of the month! We will be talking about Focus in classes this month! 

We're looking forward to a great week! 

See you in class,