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Letter From Mr. English

Tuesday, January, 05 2016 back to the blog
Letter From Mr. English
Hello KI Families,

Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year and ask you all for a small favor.

Being a martial arts teacher for over 20 years has been exciting, fulfilling and at times challenging!  Part of what we do is teach practical self defense skills to our students.  However, most of what we do is try to impact our students lives with life skills they will take with them long after being a member of KI.  Doing this is extremely gratifying and sometimes exhausting.  If anyone has ever taught anything, you know how much emotional energy it takes to give a student your all!

The favor I am asking you all today is simple.  Help my staff by giving us periodical updates and feedback on how the KI program has helped you or your child!  I am starting a "diary" of information given to us so I can share it with our staff to help them see how much of an impact they are having on a daily, weekly, monthly basis with the members that come in and out of our facility.  What better way to know your on the right track by hearing it from the people you work with directly each and every day! 

Also, a quick yelp or Facebook post on the KI Facebook page would be greatly appreciated!  Its my goal to use these feedback's to help encourage and motivate our staff each week!

I want to thank you all in advance for your trust and support of us here at KI!  2016 is going to be a prosperous year for all!

God Bless and Thank You!

Mr. John English