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Summertime Training!

Wednesday, May, 30 2018
Summertime can always prove to be a tough couple of months for students to regularly attend class. Whether they have gone away on vacation, busy with summer camps or spending days at the beach it can be hard to stick to a schedule. In that spirit we began to create the summer blast program and this year have decided  to include the Summer Seminar Series. 

The Summer Blast program is designed to teach the current curriculum with additional fun theme and activity days. On Ice Cream days students will be able to have ice cream after class or on family days Mr.English and Mr.Wharem cook on the grill for everyone. Movie making days provide a fun and exciting way to practice techniques while learning the magic behind the camera on martial arts stunt fighting! These are all fun and exciting ways to motivate your child in coming to class! 

The Summer Seminar Series are our different Fridays in July and August that are focused on giving strong concentrated training, exciting training in weapons or board breaking and a fun field trip component for kids. We are excited to be offering these camps this year in a newly redesigned format specifically tailored to making their skill set stronger and to building excitement through different martial arts outlets. 

While in Summertime it can be difficult to make it to class and we understand we also want to ensure that students continue to progress during their training. We are encouraging everyone to make class as often as possible and to continue to work towards those goals. "An object in motion stays in motion..." It's hard to start working towards a goal again if you take a break so even once a week will keep you taking steps toward your ultimate goal of black belt.