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Are students required to participate in tournaments

The short answer is no. The detailed answer is we do expect the kids to take themselves out of their comfort zone as they get ready for black belt and participate in at least one tournament. Most kids do not like to compete because they fear getting up in front of people. That is why we WANT them to compete at least one time. Black belt is not only learning how to defend yourself, it is more about overcoming fears, being confident even when you don’t feel confident and overcoming obstacles. That is the true meaning of a black belt!

Can I buy a gift certificate to Karate International

YES! Gift certificates are available through the front office. These certificates are transferable and are available on a year-round basis. Gift certificates can be customized for lessons, equipment, gear, private lesson, etc. To purchase a gift certificate please call the office and talk to our program director

Can we have a birthday party at Karate International

YES! We love to share in our students special day. We also encourage non KIMAC members to experience a Karate International birthday! Parents supply cake, drinks, utensils etc.  All parties run an hour and a half. The birthday boy or girl gets a special gift from us, and all the guests receive a gift as well. Parties are run on Saturday afternoons. They are able to be booked well in advance and we encourage this.

Call us at 778-8475 to see what times we have available.

Do you offer any types of trial programs to see if I like the classes

Yes! We always offer a free two-week trial to anyone interested in trying our school. Check our website and call the school to get further details.

Do you offer private lessons

Yes, we do. Depending on what needs to be reviewed or taught, most of our “help sessions” are 5-10 minute mini privates and are free of charge. Speak to your instructor directly or via email to book or get more information.

Does my child automatically get a test slip when they earn all their stripes

No. Although attaining all of their stripes lets the instructors know that your child has learned the material required for their next rank, it does not mean the instructor feels the student is ready for the pressure and intensity of a belt exam. Learning the material and KNOWING the material are two very different things. Trust in your child’s teachers and know we have their best interest at hand!

Does the class schedule change

Yes. The class schedule is subject to change based on the needs of the program! Generally, our School year schedule stays very similar throughout the year and we have a summer schedule to accommodate the different schedules in the summertime. 

How can I contact Karate International

Phone: 603-778-8475
For Questions about classes or special events please email: craig@kimacnh.com
For trials, scheduling and membership please email lisa@kimacnh.com
Web: www.kimacnh.com

How do I purchase equipment?

There are a few ways to accomplish this.

1. Call the school or see an instructor for the equipment you are interested in. 
2. Email the program director and inform them of what you need.

We do not charge students on shipping for any equipment they order. Although the web offers a vast array of equipment, we don’t recommend buying anything online due to the fact that it might not be acceptable for the Karate International program. For Example, our insurance requires that we use a specific glove style for sparring and we require students wearing uniforms to have the KI logo on the back. We also stand behind everything we sell. If your gloves fall apart after a few months, we will replace them at no charge!

How often are belt exams held

Belt exams are given approximately every 8 weeks. We end up holding 6 belt exams a year. Stripe evaluations are also done every 6 weeks.

How often should I or my child come to class? How often are we allowed to come to class?

Youth and Teens should attend 2 times per week.
Adults 2-3 times per week.

All programs are allowed unlimited attendance

How old does a kid need to be to begin lessons

The KI Program is designed for ages 6-Adult. Sometimes we will accept a 5 1/2-year-old student pending instructor permission. 

What do I do to enroll or have my child try the program?

The first step is to call us at 603-778-8475 to set up a free student orientation and facility tour. We will run the prospective student through some basics and see if they qualify for a group training trial. If the student qualifies, we give you 2 free weeks of group classes to see if the program is something they are interested in. There is no obligation to enroll after the 2 weeks is over.

What do I need to bring to class?

For standard classes you want to bring this:

  1. A clean gi top and bottom
  2. Your belt
  3. Sparring gear

What do the colored unifoms mean. When can I wear different colors

Colored uniforms are rank privileges. A student may wear a black uniform upon rank of purple belt. A blue uniform upon rank of blue belt and a red uniform upon rank of red belt.

What is the rank progression

The rank progression is listed below and applies to all KI Core Curriculum Programs

Advanced Orange
Advanced Green
Advanced Red
Advanced Brown
Black (Junior Black for students not ready for Adult Black Belt)

What should I do if I know I am going to miss a class

We ask that you keep us informed if you or your child will miss class for a whole week. A phone call or email letting us know that you will not be attending that week will allow us to log it in your record and help keep us from calling you the following week for missed attendance.

What should I do if my child starts losing interest in their martial arts classes

First and foremost, be sure to talk to your instructor. Don’t wait weeks if a child starts to express boredom. The faster the instructor can sit with them and set realistic goals for progression, the quicker the child will feel they are doing well and moving forward. If too much time goes by when a child is feeling discouraged or bored, the harder it is to get them to continue their training!

What type of equipment do we need for class

Depends on the program and class level. For example: Youth program students in the beginner level need a full uniform (Gi) gloves and mouthpiece for their classes. The best way to be sure is to contact an instructor and they will let you know what you need for your level and program.

When will my child be getting their next belt?

We often hear this question from parents and the answer is “It varies from child to child.” Every kid is different and we try to teach our kids that martial arts is not a destination but a journey.

Why didn't my child test for a stripe this month?

There could be a few reasons for this.

1. They have all three stripes and are preparing for the next belt exam.
2. They just received their next belt and are not ready to stripe test.
3. They were absent from class when we did evaluations.
4. Human error and we missed them.

Please make sure the first three questions are answered first. Most times it is one of those reasons. If you still are concerned, always feel free to write or call us!