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Kids Program

KI Elementary School Training Program

Overseen by Head Instructor Mr. Noah Dever the Elementary Kids program is designed to build and instill important life skills for students grades K-1 for Tots and grades 2-5 for Youth . Students learn simple effective self-defense skills and begin to build a solid foundation of life skills.

What can I expect from my child’s Martial Arts training?

          One of the reasons the KI Program is so successful at instilling quality life skills for children is because students learn how to find the confidence to branch out of their comfort zone by being surrounded in a positive community and are encouraged to find learning opportunities from every experience! Students in the Youth Program learn how to set manageable goals, follow directions, and take responsibility for their training by asking questions and practicing at home.

What does Self-Defense training entail?

          Many times, when self-defense training is mentioned, people envision a physical confrontation. While that is one of the primary factors in Self-Defense training students also learn how to use visual and verbal de-escalation techniques. Self-Defense has many facets, and we work alongside families to help instill self-defense in all areas of life.

                                          -Internet Safety                               -Study Habits

 -Bully Prevention               -Communication methods

 -Self-Discipline                              -Problem Solving

All of those listed above encompass self-defense qualities that students learn in the Youth Program at KI.

How long will it take to get a black belt?

          We never guarantee a timeframe for students to test for belts. There are many factors that lead into making that decision. A comprehensive and applicable knowledge of the curriculum is one area where students need to show readiness for testing. We also look for positive attitudes, completing tasks at school and at home and leadership skills!

            When a student gets invited to test for a belt, we will send a letter home to parents that needs to be signed and completed by a parent/guardian and also needs to be filled out by a teacher at school. This helps us to continue to provide the expectation that students are doing their best in all areas of life and not just in the dojo with us. 

How do I know the program will my goals for my child?

          Set up an orientation and come give it a shot! You will meet with a Head or Senior Instructor and our Program Director! We will take some time to understand your goals and make sure that the program is a great fit for you! We want all students to attend classes at KI because they see the opportunity for growth and are excited to learn!

            Our two-week trial is set up to give you the opportunity to get to know us and vice versa! During the trial we will sit with you and provide feedback on what we have observed in classes and then we can set goals for your child to get started on their training!